Friday, December 09, 2005

I guess that's it, then...

I can finally kick into touch the job I currently have. Team Leader at KFC... it doesn't sound so glam, does it? Well, you'd be right. If it isn't one thing it's another, every day worked seems to be a battle. If it isn't something breaking or going wrong, it's a member of staff having a paddy.

I mean, it's not all bad. Sometimes the job is really rewarding and enjoyable, other times, it's just plain stressful.

Well, not much longer to go. I've done 6 months of hard graft there for no more than minimum wage, I've been offered and accepted a better job, with less hours, more pay, a little more travelling, but at least it's REGULAR hours and not changing one week to the next.

It also looks like a job I'll enjoy. I guess we'll see.

Anyway, so today I finally decided... I'm taking it. We've talked it over, and the thing is, Sara can easily get a job for an evening or weekend, far easier than she could get the job she has at the moment (it's an early start for her, it was the only way she could get a job around my hours). I'd have been pretty daft not to, I think.

Sara and Caitlin are both well, although Caitlin was mysteriously very tired this evening, hardly ate any tea, and went to sleep without a struggle, and she's still asleep now. Her cough's intermittently bothering her, so we got some kid's cough mixture, seems to have helped a bit.

The Ultimate World Cup continues, tonight England beat Lebanon 18-6. Not much to write home about, except for one spectacular try that started on the left wing with a break from Danny Orr, spread right across the field to Keith Senior, who managed to tear down the right wing, before running across to the posts to score under them.

Well, I've got some software for my phone to try out, guess I'll give that a go. I've got one of them Symbian Series 60 things, so it can run emulators and stuff, I've got a C64 one I'd like to try out...

Laters, man.

Now it's my turn

Yes, today, I've been the one suffering with a runny nose and eyes and stuff. But even though I've felt low, I've picked up towards the end of the night, and just now I feel a lot better. Which is good.

Caitlin's been nearly 100%, but she's just suffered tonight with a bit of a cough in her sleep that has woken her up. She's back to sleep now, though, so I shall be off to bed myself very soon.

The day's been fairly uneventful, as, to be honest, has the night. Had a lovely cuddle with Sara, though. I love her cuddles! They're really wonderful, like floating on clouds sometimes! :-)

Anyway, the usual round of action from the "Ultimate World Cup", tonight it was England vs. Australia, and the result was... 18-12 to England! At half time, it was 6 all thanks to Australia scoring right on the hooter, and then they took the lead with an early soft try in the second half, but hat-trick hero Sean Long (In reality he's a very dirty player and not actually all that good) saved the day with two more tries, and all three conversions.

OK, so it's off to bed now, sleep well, y'all.

Love and Peace,

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Much better baby!

Thankfully, Caitlin is today much, much better. Which is a great relief. She's back to her active self, and although only slightly less active than normal, I'd say she's very close to being back to full strength.

All in all, one of our more uneventful days, and, in my opinion, a very good day. Bought a new handheld console today... It might look like a PSP, but it's not. It's a Sudoku game, with apparently over a million different puzzles programmed into it. I've been having a play of it, and although it occasionally resets for no apparent reason, it does have a "Save Game" facility (You can turn it off, and back on later, and carry on from where you left off). As you can see, there's my Nintendo DS... which is a lovely bit of kit, especially for the Retro Gamer! I've found a few double packs of old arcade games, including Klax, Paperboy, Gauntlet, and my personal favourite out of these, Rampart! What an excellent game that was back in its day! I first played it on the Amiga, and I was hooked, played it even more than Sim City 2000, so that is a lot!

I'm not really sure why, but I thought I'd post a pic of the desk at which I write this crap. So, if you can imagine me sat in front of that PC there, tapping away, drinking a can of cider, then you've pretty much got me summed up. As you know, I like my gaming, and as usual, I've been playing Rugby League. Tonight, England beat the Netherlands by 20 points to 6. They've got Australia next, if England win that, they go into 2nd with just a few rounds to go, the only team ahead of them being the Unlockable SidheHES "All-Star" team. Will they make it? Stay tuned to this blog to find out...

Lost was on tonight... It was episode 20 (I can't believe it's been going so long now!), and although a few questions were answered, I do find myself looking more and more for clues, and perhaps even looking were there is no clue... for example, I saw the woman Jack marries wearing a shirt with "44" on the back. I was convinced that this was one of those "numbers of doom", but the highest number in that series is actually 42. So that knocked that idea into touch.

Ah, well, I like a good puzzle.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Poorly little Baby

Caitlin has been slightly unwell today. It started last night, actually, she was absolutely red hot to touch, and was just a little bit snotty and restless. This morning, you could tell she was knocked for six. Normally, our little girl is a bundle of energy, crawling everywhere, into everything, causing havoc and destruction around what is normally a tidy flat... But today, she was quite happy just to sit still and do nothing, or even just cuddle. Whilst it was nice to have her so placid and cuddly, it wasn't nice to feel how hot she was, and knowing that she was obviously feeling just a tad under the weather. Still, she's picked up towards the end of the night, had a lot of sleep today, so hopefully that will help her recover quickly. She might not be fit tomorrow, but I'm confident she will at least have improved significantly. Fingers crossed!

Erm... so yeah, today's been pretty quiet. Didn't get much sleep last night (nor did Sara), we just called NHS Direct for a little advice, and they basically said not to worry, just keep doing what we are doing, and only worry if Caitlin's condition got any worse. Which seemed fair enough to me.

Had to nip into town to pay off the Credit Card and Council Tax, and pick up some meat for tea, so whilst I was out, I had a quick look in the market. Found a couple of Harry Enfield videos for £2 each, so purchased them, I forgot how funny the man can be, some of his sketches are pure genius!

Been playing the GBA game of Mario Tennis on my DS... it's in a similar vein to Mario Golf (RPG mixed in with some "action" gameplay where you earn "experience" points), but it's really quite good. Not sure how far I'll get on it, but I'm doing ok so far. Also, continuing my "Ultimate World Cup" competition on Rugby League, England have just beaten the USA 29-6.

Hmmm. I can't think of anything else interesting to write just now. Maybe I'll update my website. Or play some more Mario Tennis. Or even dig out my Gamecube and play Soul Calibur. First things first, I must urinate. Tatty-bye, now.

A reply to my first comment!

Wow, I got my first comment left on my first post... hard to believe that someone already has looked at this bunch of baloney already, but, for some reason, Cruel Kev visited and saw fit to leave me these words:

"Good luck with your new blog. Be careful, Blogging is addictive!"

He's pretty spot on with that. I've only been at this two days, and already I feel like I have so much to write here. So, thanks, Kev, for that. I'm going to go and have a gander at his blog(s) now...

I'll write about my day later. Toodle-oo.

Monday, December 05, 2005

There's something in my face....

No, really. I woke up this morning, and Sara told me I looked like I'd been punched in the face. Now, I haven't (to be honest, I can't remember the last time I really took a good punch there, it was probably back when I played Rugby League). I've got a little lump in that area of my face, but I'm pretty sure it's just a small spot under the skin.

In case you haven't read my profile, by the way, Sara is my partner. She's beautiful, wonderful, and I love her to bits, and I hope to God that one day we'll be married and have our own house instead of living in a rented flat like we do at the moment. But for the moment, life is good, our flat's in not too bad an area, although it's not central-heated, it stays nice and warm (probably partly thanks to the bloke below and his heating), and there's enough space for us, and plenty of crawling room for our beautiful little girl, Caitlin.

Anyway, apart from that, the day's been pretty good. I have my good days and bad days when it comes to being a father. Today has definitely been one of my good days. I try to make every day a good day, but sometimes it just feels like everything I touch messes up in some way. I've just started two weeks holiday from work (come at just the right time... Christmas is looming quickly!), so I'm hoping to get lots done around the flat as well.

But I still have to take some time out for myself. The night time is where I go on the internet, start lots of arguments and debates in various forums, play a few games and so on. Just now, I'm catching up on a little bit of "Lost". It's being shown on Channel 4 and E4 at the moment, and although I'm well up to speed on it, I missed the first 3 episodes or so, and I'm curious if there's any clues hidden away there that I haven't picked up on. It's a fascinating programme, some real thought has gone into it, and I really enjoy trying to work out what's coming next. Just in case any Yanks come reading this, don't spoil it for me, we still don't really know who Ethan is, and we still don't know what's in the hatch. I'm very curious as to where Locke got all his survival skills from, he seems a breed apart from everyone else, and I think I'm finding his back-story more compelling than anyone elses.

Before I head to bed for the night, I'll probably have a quick game on the Rugby League game. Ever since I put my new graphics card in, it's running much faster on maximum detail, and now that I'm consistently defeating the computer on "League God" difficulty, I'm ready for Rugby League 2 to arrive on these shores.

I've been having a go of a rather addictive little game today, it's the "Finger Frenzy" game. The idea is to type the alphabet as quickly as you can. I managed to get my time down to 2.875 seconds, but the quickest time is like, 1 second, or something. That's just crazy. You can find that game HERE.

And finally, look at this picture here... it's my pic uploaded to a "Face Matching" site. It seems to study your facial details, and determine a celebrity that you resemble. I would NEVER have said I look like Ewan McGregor... but apparently, I do. You can have a go of this by clicking HERE.

Hello and welcome

You know, I've always had trouble keeping my website up to date. My website, in case you've wandered here by accident, is over at The whole purpose of this blog is for me to write a few thoughts every day or so, say what's going on in my life, and not because I'm some kind of exhibitionist, but simply because I find it interesting reading other people's webpages I find myself thinking, "What a thoroughly intersting individual they are." Either that or, "What a plonker."

Well, now it's my turn to be the plonker.

There will be rants, there will be laughs, and (although hopefully not) there will probably be tears. If you share in them, then that's fine. If you want to hurl ridicule at me, that's fine too. It's probably worth pointing out that my grasp of the English language is pretty good, and I am more than willing to use it as a weapon. Comments like, "ur blog sux u sad pig f***er" will be laughed at. Lengthily.

Anyway, I'm not going to get all defensive just now. Hell, no one will probably read this for about 5 years! Why am I even bothering?

Well, I'll certainly be reading it.

So anyway, I hope that anyone who does pop by from time to time likes this blog, and anyone who doesn't can kiss my fat ass. So ner.