Friday, September 09, 2011

Erm... It's like, new and stuff.

After all this time. Finally I have made my website look vaguely modern. As someone wrote on the old guestbook, my website looked like a Geocities website from the late 90s, which was, quite frankly, an accurate description. But now? Well, judge for yourself.

 GONE! Is the crappy multi-image menu and the text menus of old, here is a slightly funkier CSS site.

Now, I must stress, I don't want to completely alienate people, so I will be adding a text only "quick-link" site for those who just want quick access to the content. But for now, accept that for those who do use more than just plain text surfing, the website looks much snazzier and easier to use than it ever has been. I'm especially happy with the format of the Retro Zone, and keeping the site up to date should be a cinch. Fingers crossed.

As a bonus, there's a little new content on there, in particular a lot about my visits to the Whit Walks and Macclesfield Bikeathon for the last couple of years. Which is always interesting.

Anyway, I've got some TI99/4A content lined up for the weekend (Sunday, most likely), the links pages to finish off, and then the hard work is done and the regular updates can commence. Hopefully lots of TI99/4A and Retro stuff will follow in due course.

As always, the Guestbook is there for you to tell me what you think... feel free to use it.

All the best folks, hopefully write again here soon. Much sooner than 9 months, anyway.


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