Thursday, October 06, 2011

X-Factor Week 1: Preview

So what if you don't like the X-Factor? Millions do, you're in the minority. Get over it. LOVE the X-Factor? Yeah, so do I. Sometimes it's a car crash, sometimes it unearths some genuine talent. This year... well, the competition's probably the weakest it's ever been. But still, it could be good.

First off, let's talk about who didn't make it to the finals... And the one everyone's talking about... Jade Richards.

Seriously, she wasn't good enough. Every single one of the girls that has got through was better than her, and whilst she might be better than say, Kitty, Goldie, or Rhythmix, she doesn't belong in those categories. Besides, if I'd had to hear her murder Adele's Someone Like You again, which you know she would if she'd been in the bottom two at any point, I think I would have had to stop watching X Factor. No-one really pronounces the word "hurts" like that, after all.

Conversely, from the boys category, we are without John Wilding, and in his place... Frankie Corcozza. Why? No idea. But I'll come to what's wrong with that in a minute.

Anyway, that aside we are left with the following hopefuls:

Amelia and Janet... Meh. Not really impressed me so much, but let's give them a chance, eh?

Sophie and Misha are, in my opinion, the heavyweights of this category (not literally, I mean vocally, obviously.) I'm expecting a good long run in the finals for both these, unless they go to pieces.

For the Over 25s, we've got Kitty, who annoys me intensely but almost won me over with her performance at Louis' house. Almost. Johnny...well... I don't think he's got a prayer of winning, but I like him. He's like a better version of Wagner from last year... not the worst act in the competition, and can stay in for me until the competition gets serious.

Then there's Sami... who is awful, and hopefully out in week 1. Leaving the only serious over 25 contender, and what a contender he is, Jonjo. You can never be sure until the live shows, but for now, he's one I'm really looking forward to hearing, and I hope he doesn't let himself down.

Onto the boys, and very much a "meh" start again. James... well, nothing against him, he's not bad, we'll just have to see how he goes. Frankie? Well, how he got through I don't know. I hope it's not solely for the fact that he's got his "conquests" tattooed on his backside, because all that screams to me is "male slut". I remember when he first auditioned and Gary said Frankie "brought something new to the competition". Yeah, genital warts or some other STD.

Marcus seems pretty decent, but Craig Colton's the one I've got my eye on. I'm expecting big things from him.

Onto the groups. Rhythmix are my other pick for a very early exit, mainly because they are the very definition of crap. Meanwhile 2 shoes are ok but nothing spectacular. They'll probably be around for a week or three.

And finally Nu Vibe and The Risk. Nu Vibe are definitely this year's "One Direction", except they actually sound quite good... So nothing like One Direction after all then. And The Risk? Haven't heard this lineup sing yet. It's either going to be spectacularly good or spectacularly bad, in my opinion. Disappointed that Marlon wasn't kept with it as he was an excellent singer, so for that reason my expectations are low. But again, let's give them a chance.

Once we've lost the deadwood, I think reckon we should be left with Sophie, Misha, Jonjo, Craig and Nu Vibe. Let's see if this "Top 5" changes any between now and then. I'll write with my week 1 reviews as soon as I can after the performances. Keep on reading and watching.



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