Monday, January 31, 2011 - Major overhaul imminent!

OK. So updating the website looks like it’s fallen by the wayside? You’d be wrong.

The truth is, I’ve found myself a little project to work on, and my website is the vehicle for it to be carried on.

Basically, I’ve decided to focus the website more on useful stuff rather than pictures of me and my family, especially since Facebook gives me the chance to share pictures with the people I actually want to share them with for free anyway. So that will be going.

The Retro Blog, Retro Reviews, XM Music and even Fruit Machine Emulation, despite the fact I haven’t done a release for God knows how long, will continue to have a home here.

The new addition to the family is the TI99/4A project.

Basically, I’ve not found anywhere on the internet that provides a decent resource of non-cartridge or disk games or software. This does mean a large quantity of games will remain unplayed by the modern retro gamer. Well, I want to do something about it. Especially since I have access to many listings and tapes with software on them.

Yes, it’s probably going to be slow and laborious, but I don’t mind. I like to be useful.

The Guestbook will be getting a sprucing up as well. So it’s all change really! Brace yourself for the “new” website coming online this coming week.

In other news, I’m still keenly gaming online on the likes of Uncharted 2. Oh, and I just turned another year older. Bah.