Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wii Have Lift-Off

Yup, I've finally got my Wii. And if my floppy drive had been working on my PC, I'd have posted my review of Wii Sports. But for some reason it's decided to throw a hissy fit, and so you can't read it yet. But no matter. Caitlin loves the new console. It's probably because she can actually DO the baseball. Quite impressively, too, being honest. She is a very clever girl, there's no doubting it, she works things out so quickly, it's hard to not be impressed by her.

She's not been well for a few days, though. Just a bit of a cold, but it's thrown her routine out a little bit. She's fine again now, though, still got a little cough, but nothing like it was.

And Sara is also fine. Apart from the cold she's had for the last four months or thereabouts. I can't actually remember how long she's had it.

Anyway, we're all hooked on the Wii. Wii Sports mainly. Sara likes the Tennis, Caitlin likes the Baseball, I like the boxing.

Look, you'll just have to wait for the review. Valuable Wii time is being wasted here.

More updates soon!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I know, I know....

Updates are slow... yes, I know. Well, there's an update tonight. Not quite sure what I'll update, but I'll definitely be updating something tonight. Maybe I'll talk about the X Factor. Maybe I'll rant about Rugby League and how there isn't going to be any on TV for a while. Maybe I'll write about how I still HAVEN'T GOT MY WII.

However, I have a wonderful family and Wireless Networking. What more could a man want?

1) A house of his own for his family
2) A job where you can earn loads without doing anything
3) Beer.

Caitlin has learnt a song... It's that famous traditional tune, "See Saw, Marjorie Daw". And she sings that first line very very well... but not much else. She does occasionally also say "" (yes, she actually says "dot com"), but I'm struggling teaching her "". She'll get it eventually.

Wireless Networking is great for Nintendo DS... Mario Kart and 42 All Time Classics over the airwaves and against people around the world is great fun. I'm quite surprised at how well Wi-Fi on a handheld console works, there's something quite amazing about it.

Anyway, Wii's are due in soon, and now that I don't need to purchase a Router, I can spend a bit more and get another game or controller or something. Or maybe Wii Play, then I get both.

Had an exceptionally good weekend at work (for weekend read: Saturday only), which was very nice. Lots of commissions for ME!!!

Otherwise... erm... well... it's just been another week really. Christmas is nearly here, though. Wahey. Need to buy more presents.

Anyway, going to write some sort of article now. Still not really decided what, but will think of something very quickly.