Friday, October 07, 2011

X Factor - Week 1 and the "Twist"

OK, so we've had the twist announced already... 4 acts gone in week 1, one from each group and the judges have to choose their own top 3. What, no public vote? No, apparently not. Who should stay and who should go? Hmmm. I'd say it's a toughie, but when it after the performances I think it'll turn out to be quite easy.

Since I'd already called Rhythmix and Sami to be out, that's the groups and over 25s covered. The next easy one will be the Boys. Only one choice, Frankie Corcozza. He can't sing very well, enough said.

The girls on the other hand... Janet Devlin definitely has the weakest voice, but if she uses it well, this could be a tough decision. So, I'm going to hang on until the performances to decide. It could be a very tough choice.



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