Friday, December 09, 2005

Now it's my turn

Yes, today, I've been the one suffering with a runny nose and eyes and stuff. But even though I've felt low, I've picked up towards the end of the night, and just now I feel a lot better. Which is good.

Caitlin's been nearly 100%, but she's just suffered tonight with a bit of a cough in her sleep that has woken her up. She's back to sleep now, though, so I shall be off to bed myself very soon.

The day's been fairly uneventful, as, to be honest, has the night. Had a lovely cuddle with Sara, though. I love her cuddles! They're really wonderful, like floating on clouds sometimes! :-)

Anyway, the usual round of action from the "Ultimate World Cup", tonight it was England vs. Australia, and the result was... 18-12 to England! At half time, it was 6 all thanks to Australia scoring right on the hooter, and then they took the lead with an early soft try in the second half, but hat-trick hero Sean Long (In reality he's a very dirty player and not actually all that good) saved the day with two more tries, and all three conversions.

OK, so it's off to bed now, sleep well, y'all.

Love and Peace,


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