Monday, December 05, 2005

Hello and welcome

You know, I've always had trouble keeping my website up to date. My website, in case you've wandered here by accident, is over at The whole purpose of this blog is for me to write a few thoughts every day or so, say what's going on in my life, and not because I'm some kind of exhibitionist, but simply because I find it interesting reading other people's webpages I find myself thinking, "What a thoroughly intersting individual they are." Either that or, "What a plonker."

Well, now it's my turn to be the plonker.

There will be rants, there will be laughs, and (although hopefully not) there will probably be tears. If you share in them, then that's fine. If you want to hurl ridicule at me, that's fine too. It's probably worth pointing out that my grasp of the English language is pretty good, and I am more than willing to use it as a weapon. Comments like, "ur blog sux u sad pig f***er" will be laughed at. Lengthily.

Anyway, I'm not going to get all defensive just now. Hell, no one will probably read this for about 5 years! Why am I even bothering?

Well, I'll certainly be reading it.

So anyway, I hope that anyone who does pop by from time to time likes this blog, and anyone who doesn't can kiss my fat ass. So ner.


Blogger CRUEL KEV. said...

Good luck with your new blog. Be careful, Blogging is addictive!

1:45 am  

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