Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Much better baby!

Thankfully, Caitlin is today much, much better. Which is a great relief. She's back to her active self, and although only slightly less active than normal, I'd say she's very close to being back to full strength.

All in all, one of our more uneventful days, and, in my opinion, a very good day. Bought a new handheld console today... It might look like a PSP, but it's not. It's a Sudoku game, with apparently over a million different puzzles programmed into it. I've been having a play of it, and although it occasionally resets for no apparent reason, it does have a "Save Game" facility (You can turn it off, and back on later, and carry on from where you left off). As you can see, there's my Nintendo DS... which is a lovely bit of kit, especially for the Retro Gamer! I've found a few double packs of old arcade games, including Klax, Paperboy, Gauntlet, and my personal favourite out of these, Rampart! What an excellent game that was back in its day! I first played it on the Amiga, and I was hooked, played it even more than Sim City 2000, so that is a lot!

I'm not really sure why, but I thought I'd post a pic of the desk at which I write this crap. So, if you can imagine me sat in front of that PC there, tapping away, drinking a can of cider, then you've pretty much got me summed up. As you know, I like my gaming, and as usual, I've been playing Rugby League. Tonight, England beat the Netherlands by 20 points to 6. They've got Australia next, if England win that, they go into 2nd with just a few rounds to go, the only team ahead of them being the Unlockable SidheHES "All-Star" team. Will they make it? Stay tuned to this blog to find out...

Lost was on tonight... It was episode 20 (I can't believe it's been going so long now!), and although a few questions were answered, I do find myself looking more and more for clues, and perhaps even looking were there is no clue... for example, I saw the woman Jack marries wearing a shirt with "44" on the back. I was convinced that this was one of those "numbers of doom", but the highest number in that series is actually 42. So that knocked that idea into touch.

Ah, well, I like a good puzzle.


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