Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Poorly little Baby

Caitlin has been slightly unwell today. It started last night, actually, she was absolutely red hot to touch, and was just a little bit snotty and restless. This morning, you could tell she was knocked for six. Normally, our little girl is a bundle of energy, crawling everywhere, into everything, causing havoc and destruction around what is normally a tidy flat... But today, she was quite happy just to sit still and do nothing, or even just cuddle. Whilst it was nice to have her so placid and cuddly, it wasn't nice to feel how hot she was, and knowing that she was obviously feeling just a tad under the weather. Still, she's picked up towards the end of the night, had a lot of sleep today, so hopefully that will help her recover quickly. She might not be fit tomorrow, but I'm confident she will at least have improved significantly. Fingers crossed!

Erm... so yeah, today's been pretty quiet. Didn't get much sleep last night (nor did Sara), we just called NHS Direct for a little advice, and they basically said not to worry, just keep doing what we are doing, and only worry if Caitlin's condition got any worse. Which seemed fair enough to me.

Had to nip into town to pay off the Credit Card and Council Tax, and pick up some meat for tea, so whilst I was out, I had a quick look in the market. Found a couple of Harry Enfield videos for £2 each, so purchased them, I forgot how funny the man can be, some of his sketches are pure genius!

Been playing the GBA game of Mario Tennis on my DS... it's in a similar vein to Mario Golf (RPG mixed in with some "action" gameplay where you earn "experience" points), but it's really quite good. Not sure how far I'll get on it, but I'm doing ok so far. Also, continuing my "Ultimate World Cup" competition on Rugby League, England have just beaten the USA 29-6.

Hmmm. I can't think of anything else interesting to write just now. Maybe I'll update my website. Or play some more Mario Tennis. Or even dig out my Gamecube and play Soul Calibur. First things first, I must urinate. Tatty-bye, now.


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