Saturday, September 22, 2007

A month passes by...

I know, I've been off my site for about a month now. Well, I'm back, and I'm planning to get some more articles up this weekend. My time just seems to be eaten away, especially with me selling my soul (for soul, read "Dreamcast") and commencing the sale of my Retro collection in order to obtain a Nintendo Wii. I'm sorry, but the damn thing looks irresistable when you see what it's capable of, and with its relatively sensible price tag compared to the stupidly highly priced PS3, it looks set to be the success story of 2007.

I think the thing is with the Wii... it's going to appeal to ALL ages, and not just the hardcore male gamer aged 10-25, which has always been the primary focus in the past.

But time will tell. I foresee a great future for the console, not just because it automatically opens up a library of Gamecube titles, but because it's a superb bit of kit! I'm looking forward to getting mine! I just need to get myself that Panasonic LCD TV I've been looking at recently...

Anyway, got to go and work on these updates now, I shall write to here again tomorrow night, hopefully with lots more content available!

All the best, folks,


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