Sunday, July 29, 2007

Conjunctivitis sucks. Pinkeye sounds so much cooler!

Good evening. I write to you tonight with a rather annoying problem hindering me slightly. I appear to be suffering from conjunctivitis in my right eye. I prefer to call this Pinkeye, mainly because of that hilarious episode of South Park, "Pinkeye".

On the plus side, it's not unbearably itchy, leaving it alone is fairly easy, however care must be taken not to a) Pass it on to my left eye; and b) Pass it on to either of Caitlin's eyes. We'll just have to be extra careful.

Not much else to report. You've probably already noticed the website has changed quite drastically (new menu!), I personally feel it looks a lot better than just plain text, but I think perhaps the choice of image may have to be rethought. In the meantime, I'll work on the 2006 picture update, because then I'll be in a position to get right up to date.

The plan is:
  • Finish updating pics to the present day
  • Write a couple of articles to get the Rugby League and Wrestling sections going
  • Start populating the Retro Zone with many and varied interesting articles and reviews
The Retro Zone is going to be the biggie, and constantly expanding. So, I'll need to come up with a decent menu system for it.

In the meantime, I'm happy with where I've got to so far, and where it's going to, but watch this space, there will be more soon...


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