Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm not dead.

No, really, I'm not. I'm just very slow at updating.

So, very quick news:

1) The family is fine. Sara and Caitlin have had coughs for a few days, but are on the mend now, I seem to have been lucky. So far.
2) The retro collection is gone. The Wii ain't here yet because there seems to be little stock available at the moment. Ah, well. Good things come to those who wait.
3) Less than 3 months to Christmas!
4) Erm...
5) I'll update again soon. Really I will. I'm just hooked on a Gamecube game at the moment.

Going to go back to playing it again now. I'm actually quite surprised, I hate driving games normally, but Need For Speed Underground 2 has actually entertained me for a while now.

It's not as fun as Crazy Taxi. But what is?


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