Sunday, January 27, 2008

Not well....

OK, so I woke up this morning and wasn't at all well. I don't know why, it came from nowhere. Anyway, after a morning spent talking to Ralph on the Big White Telephone, and a day of very little food, I feel much better now. Just hungry.

Thankfully, it's only me who has had this here. Sara and Caitlin are both fine. Which is good, I remember how it was when we were all ill with Gastroenteritis at the same time.

Ironic, I have some time off work and I'm ill during it. To be honest, this is normal for me. I'm fit and healthy all the while I'm working, take a bit of time off and guaranteed I'm ill for some part of it.

Anyway, on the mend and raring to get going with my plans for the year:

1) Learn to drive
2) Earn lots of money
3) Consider moving house re: new baby (did I mention that yet?)
4) Get the website up to date
5) Get back into decent physical shape

I just realised I don't think I mentioned that our family is about to grow! Sara and I are expecting another baby, and he/she is due on the 24th of July. I'm looking forward to it!

We've just got ourselves a new laptop, so hopefully that'll make updating the website a bit easier. I just need to get the files from the old laptop transferred over when I get a spare 15 minutes for it to boot up. Yes, it does really take that long sometimes.

Anyway, going to go and look at getting to bed now. Updates will be soon. Bye!


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